Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act 2016

Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act 2016

Afforestation is the necessity of the hour, as humanity stands on the point of devastation. And in all honesty, there occurs to be no milder method of claiming that. Within the wake of drastic situations of local weather change, the federal government acknowledges the necessity for a greener tomorrow and has therefore applied the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act which aids the formation of the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Administration and Planning Authority (CAMPA). 

Goals of the CAMPA

The entire goal of organising the CAMPA is to boost funds for the regeneration of forest ecosystems which were broken as a consequence of rampant and unplanned urbanization. The funds may also be directed in direction of wildlife restoration and implementation of crucial measures meant to preserve nature and its ecosystems. 

Funds for the CAMPA

A stupendous sum of money is being raised to help the CAMPA for the implementation of afforestation actions. Till now, an quantity exceeding ₹40,000 crores has been raised and the cash within the vault will increase at a gentle tempo of ₹6000 crores per yr. 

So as to handle such big quantities of cash in direction of the implementation of afforestation actions is why there’s a want for the CAMPA to be arrange. 

In conclusion

The necessity for a greener tomorrow is a necessity; it’s way more pressing than simply dismissing it to be unimportant. It’s the solely alternative we’ve got. At such dire occasions, when a authorities steps up, it units an instance for international locations all around the globe to observe the footsteps and work in direction of the identical objectives. 

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