Agriculture Infrastructure Fund Scheme

Farmers Loan Apply – Agriculture Infrastructure Fund Scheme 2021 Registration / Login at Portal Online

For the longest time, farmers have found it incredibly difficult to make ends meet. This happens due to unfavourable climatic conditions, fluctuating market prices of commodities and the weight of crushing debt that just does not seem to leave their side whatsoever.  In order to alleviate the situation for farmers and to help them be […]

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Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana

WB Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana 2021 – Assistance to Farmers for Micro-Irrigation Facilities

Farmers have usually had a tough time making ends meet. Their worries have multiplied manifold ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, and this has left the farmer community largely dishevelled.  The West Bengal government, acknowledging the worries of the farmers in the state have launched a financial respite scheme. This scheme would offer financial assistance to […]

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Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam

AP Cattle Health Card Scheme 2021 for Animals | YSR Pasu Nasta Parihara Padakam – Livestock Loss Compensation Scheme

From the days of yore, traditional farming practices have revered cattle for the multifarious benefits they offer. From milk to offering strength for ploughing, cattle have proved their worth, time and again.  In order to care better for cattle health, the Andhra Pradesh government is launching the Andhra Pradesh Cattle health card scheme 2021. The […]

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Sada Bainama Registration

New Telangana Sada Bainama Registration Guidelines 2021 – Regularisation of Agricultural Lands in Rural Areas

Farmers and landowners usually find it difficult to keep tabs on their property and all the fine-lining that goes into the process of defining the boundaries of one’s land. To streamline this process furthermore and to ensure that farmers and landowners in Telangana do not face these difficulties anymore, the Telangana government has initiated the […]

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